Solution for: UI(User Interface) is not updating

In this post, I am sharing my experience with a problem.

Problem is my User Interface, not updating in spite of my every effort of change in the coding, refreshing of the project , restarting the server, restarting the IDE.  I had spent 2 days and found no solution.

I was working with the NetBeans, Google chrome, glassfish server/ tomcat server, and making a project in struts2.

Solution 1st (but not worked):

I thought that there may be some problem with browser cache, as browser always give preference to the cache than to the server files or data or images to display on the webpage. so I deleted my browser cache. But the problem is still there.

Solution 2nd(but not worked):

I listened somewhere that  IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is also maintaining its cache for better performance (in terms of speed I think). Then I delete the Netbeans cache.

But the problem was still there.

Then I talked about this problem with my an experienced senior.
He told that there are 3 caches are maintained two of them i described above. 3rd one is server cache or you can say server work directory where our projects are saved.
actually the problem is there only. Server compile the jsp files once and when there is some change is reported to the server in any jsp file done by the programmer then only server recompile that particular jsp file.

Solution 3rd(worked):

Before doing any cache cleaning i have tried another server (i swap tomcat to glassfish).
there are also many issue in changing default of tomcat ( not tried other servers), so i just change the server.


cacheMaxSize Maximum size of the static resource cache in kilobytes. If not specified, the default value is 10240 (10 megabytes).
cacheTTL Amount of time in milliseconds between cache entries revalidation. If not specified, the default value is 5000 (5 seconds).
cachingAllowed If the value of this flag is true, the cache for static resources will be used. If not specified, the default value of the flag is true.