Optimize Sheet Wastage In Java

Optimize Sheet Wastage In Java project for BE/Btech/Mtech students that can be downloaded from GitHub. You can ask questions or report bugs in the issues section.

Training Certificate: You don’t have to pay anything for the certification if you contribute developing the extended features and you will be awarded the certificate at the end of the training.

You can get yourself register by sending an email to codedbug.official@gmail.com or WhatsApp on +91-9555559613 for quick queries. As soon as you send the email representative will get in touch with you.

Problem statement: We have to cut small strips from a big sheet in such a way that wastage is minimized.

Technology stack: Java, Spring MVC, MySQL

How is it useful: It can reduce the wastage of the sheet when strip cut from it. If a person does it manually there are changes that few combinations might get skip, but by using the algorithm in this project we will always get an optimized result.

Market potential: It can be used at sheet cutting industry

Current state of the project: The project is in working state and calculates the optimized area for circle and rectangle strips out of a sheet

Further extension/Future scope: Below are the tasks yet to cover

  • cut figures/strips other than circle or rectangle like triangle or eclipse.
  • the algorithm needs to be optimized
  • GUI need improvements using bootstrap
  • Validations and making it secure using OWASP security guidelines
  • Create Unit test code to test the project features


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