Introduction to Java Programming Language

Java is a programming language originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems and released in 1995. In the same year, PHP and JavaScript have also emerged. Also, Python and Visual basics were introduced in the year 1991. But Java is still leading these languages even in the year 2018 in terms of mostly searched language on Google. As per Google trends or PopularitY of Programming Language.

PYPL - PopularitY of Programming Language

Java has always been able to provide the rich library with every update that’s one of the reasons why Java always lead as a programming language.

Why should we learn Java, what are the features of it? That is the question that each individual had, before proceeding to learn any programming language so let’s see what features Java got for us.

  • Portable or Platform Independent: Java is intended to let application “write once, run anywhere” (WORA), means code that runs on one machine/platform does not need to be recompiled to run on another. For example, we can write the code on Windows OS and can compile it on Windows OS then we can take the compiled code or bytecode to another machine or OS let say, Ubuntu and the bytecode will execute without any issues.
  • Secure and Robust: Java is popular for the security standards and features of safe programming. Java has always been the favorite programming language for applications built-in finance domain or banking domain where security is the biggest concern.
  • Simple to Understand: Java is strongly typed language means we must declare variable types, we must declare parameter types, we must declare return types. So it will be easy for a new person understand the code easily. Some people say we have to write a lot of code because Java is a strongly typed language but that doesn’t make any difference as there are a lot of IDEs that provide suggestions, templates that make writing code easy. Instead, Java is easily understood because everything is written in the code. For example, in Go language, if we want to make a member of a structure visible, we would write it like this:
    type person struct {
    Name string
    age int

    Not sure how this is marked as public or private? No, because Go doesn’t make it obvious. Go makes anything starting with an upper case character public, and anything lower case, private, so “Name” is public, and “age” is private. Go in this regard is not explicit about meaning, in fact, it practically tries to hide meaning.

    Java, on the other hand, uses the words “public” and “private”, you can probably guess what they mean. Java is very explicit, it spells everything out and leaves nothing to guesswork. Hence, easy to understand and code

  • Multi-paradigm: Java is multi-paradigm language, It is Object-oriented (class-based), structured, imperative, generic, reflective, concurrent. Java is the only language that supports these many programming paradigms. You can see all other
  • Follow OOPs concepts:
    • Encapsulation: (Hiding Non-Essential Details)
    • Abstraction: (Give Essential Details)
    • Inheritance: (Reusability, Extending, Overriding)
    • Polymorphism: (One name multiple forms)
  • Open source and Free: Last point, but put a lot of weight in the Java features, Java is open source and free to use. You do not have to pay any license cost to Oracle to develop an application in Java language. Not only this, Eclipse, one of the leading IDE in the market is free which can be used to develop applications in Java. There are other free IDEs also available!

Should we learn Java language in 2018? Do we have a secure career?

Since the beginning, Java language is used in developing different software products like banking applications, health care, education, finance telecom and many more. Java is still successful after 2o years and has great future ahead in cloud computing, Android & mobile, web and embedded technologies. As the technology world is moving towards IOT (Internet of Things) which include mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, and other smart devices it makes sense to learn Java language as IOT is still emerging there is a lot of things yet to happen.

Java is everywhere it is there in Microsoft Azure cloud and is an important language and platform behind many known sites like Amazon, LinkedIn, eBay, twitter, facebook, google+, LinkedIn, and many other.

Java has got huge and best community from developers, researchers, trainers, domain experts. Java may be blacking some areas. Hence it is still evolving without much losing backward comparability.

Let’s check out some basic programs on GitHub that you can start as a beginner