Internet Fundamentals

In this post We are going to see some Internet Fundamentals or some of the facts and figures related to the evolution of Internet, What a network is and the world wide web. In short, you will find a point wise description of some basic terms related to internet and web.


  • An Internet is a network of computers that links many other / different types of computers all over the world.
  • Network – When two or more computers are connected with each other they form a Network.
  • Network of networks i.e. internet share a common mechanism for addressing different computers with a certain set of communication protocols.
  • Internet evolved from the basic ideas of ARPANET (The First WAN in 1969) for interconnecting computers.
  • It was initially used for research organizations and universities only.
  • It was in 1989, when the Government of USA lifted restrictions on the Internet and allowed it for the commercial use.
  • Now, We can say that the use of Internet has grown at such a high speed that today billions of users are connected with internet.

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  • Electronic Mail (E-Mail): It allows users to send electronic mail or message to another internet user in any part of the world in real time manner. Know More…
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP): It allows users to move or transfer files from one computer to another with the help of internet. Know More…
  • Telnet: This feature allows user to log in to another computer on the internet. Know More…


  • Hypertext – is a text displayed on computer display. It represents tables, images and other content related stuffs in association with hyperlink. It is the underlying layer of world wide web.
  • Hypertext documents on the internet are known as Web Pages.
  • Web pages are created using a special language known as HyperText Markup Language(HTML)
  • World Wide Web or WWW or W3 uses a client server model and an Internet Protocol called HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for interacting with different computers on the Internet.
  • Any computer that uses the HTTP protocol is called a web server or any computer that can access that computer is called a web client.
  • Hypertext documents are linked together to produce an information flow with the help of hyperlinks. Link is a special term used to denote interconnection of two documents.

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Some Terms associated with WWW:

Webpage: It is an electronic or a hypertext page displayed on computer display or any electronic gadget using a web browser.
Browser or Web Browser: It is a software suite which help us to access web pages on the internet.
Homepage: This is the first page or the welcome page of any website.
Website: A collection of web pages.
Web Server: A computer on the internet serving the clients or users with the desired web page or requested information (Serving the clients or users seeking for information using a web browser with the help of HTTP protocol).

Uses of Internet:

  • Online Communication
  • Online Shopping
  • Product Promotion
  • Customer Service Support
  • Online Journals and Magazines
  • Video Conferencing
  • Posting of Information for general interest
  • Business Promotion
  • Entertainment
  • Software and Other File Sharing, etc.

Associated Terms : WWW, Internet, EMAIL, TCP/IP, Website, Webpage, WebServer, Arpanet, Intranet, Telnet, UDP