Install Moodle

In this post I am going to explain How To Install Moodle.
Its a very simple process. Just follow the following steps.

Step-1: Download Moodle which ever version you would like to install, we will install Moodle-2.4

Step-2: Extract and place it in server’s root directory. We are using WAMP server so root directory is www in our case.

Step-3: Run WAMP server and Create a database (we have created the database with name moodle2.4 and db_collation is utf8_general_ci)


Step-4: Open the moodle that you have just extracted.

Step-5: Choose language then hit Next

Step-6: Confirm paths then hit Next

Step-7: Choose Database Driver.

choose database driver

Step-8: Database settings. Fill the fields then hit Next

database settings

Step-9: Installation. Press Continue

Step-10: Installation – Moodle 2.4.4+
If every thing is correct you will see Continue button.


Hit Continue. It will get installed.

Step-10: Once it get installed a form will appear, fill the necessary fields and click update profile.

Step-11: Front page settings
If you want to do some changes then do it and click Save changes.