How to run TDL

How to run TDL?
There are several ways to run a program written using notepad or Tally.Developer:

1. Using Tally.Developer
2. Using Tally.ERP configuration
3. Editing Tally.ini file


Using Tally.Developer

1. Right click on the file that needs to be executed choose “Execute Tally”. An error may occur if Tally.ERP executable path is not set and gives “Execution Failed: Tally.ERP9 Executable path is not specified. Please specify in preferences.” error
2. To remove open Preferences

Tally Preferences

3. Goto Compiler /Execution Options and set the path of tally.exe

Tally.ERP exe path

4. Now run the file again and it will open up the Tally ERP

Using Tally.ERP configuration

1. Run Tally ERP, you will see the following screen

Gateway of Tally

2. Now press F12 to enable configuration, you will see TDL configuration option
Tally Configuration


3. Click on TDL configuration, you will see the below screen
TDL Configuration1

4. now either press F4 or click on Local TDLs
TDL Configuration setup

5. Give the path and filename with extension, like, C:\abc.txt and press enter. The following screen will appear.

TDL Configuration setup1

6. Press “y”, it will save the changes

TDL active


Editing Tally.ini file

1. Find Tally.ini file in Tally.ERP
2. Open Tally.ini file in notepad
3. Add the file path and name under line User TDL=Yes, TDL=<Path>\<File_Name>