How to Record the HTTP Traffic using VSTS and Internet Explorer

VSTS is an IDE that is generally used by the .Net Developers but, the ultimate edition of the VSTS got the ability to Load Test the web application.

Today, we will see How to record the HTTP traffic using VSTS and internet explorer.

Step – 1: To start with the recording the HTTP traffic from VSTS you first need to install/enable the Web Test Recorder extension in internet explorer.


To do this open Manage Add-ons in internet explorer and enable Web Test Recorder


Step – 2: Once Enabled close the Manage Add-ons window and also the IE Browser.

Step – 3: Now open the VSTS Ultimate edition, it has the load testing capabilities

Step – 4: Once you get the VSTS installed you have to create a New load test but when you open it first time after installation you have to select the default environment setting, choose any option, I have chosen the ‘general Development Settings’

Step – 5: Create a New Test
New Test

Step – 6: Select ‘Web Performance Test’
Web Performance Test

Step – 7: Now, give the Project name and click create
Project Name

Step – 8: You can now record the website that you want to load test, to start recording press record button
Start Recording


Best of luck. :)