How to Install Magento on Localhost

How to Install Magento on localhost?
Download the latest version of Magento Community Edition. E.g.: magento-[SM1]

2. Extract inside a folder say hellomagento which should be created inside the root directory of xampp

i.e. htdocs or www if server is wamp.

3.  Now run the server and locate your installed directory.

For example if you have extracted Magento inside the root directory in folder hellomagento.

You can run the installation script of Magento by typing :


inside the browser url.

4. Also run your phpmyadmin or mysql server to create a database let say hellomagentodb in this case before executing step 3.

5. After running both mysql server and wamp or xampp or any other webserver which support php or full fills magento


6. Take a look at step 3 and now enter the above mentioned url in web browser. The magento installation will start.

7. On the installation page:

    1. Select I agree …. And Click continue.
    2. Leave Locale as it is and Select Time Zone as India Standard Time … Currency as Indian Rupee and click continue.
    3. Leave host as localhost, write your database name e.g. hellomagentodb which you have created. Write the username of mysql server e.g. root and password in this case leave it blank.
    4. Write table prefix as first_ or mag_ . You can leave it blank too. A prefix can be any combination of letters followed by underscore.
    5. Select “use web server rewrites” leave rest fields as it is.
    6. Click continue and wait until installation shows the next page.
    7. (a). Fill first name,last name,email (b). Fill user name as admin and password admin123 (c). Hit continue

8.   You will get message stating “You are all set” .This mean that your installation is complete.


Now you   can view the frontend at http://localhost/hellomagento and backend at    http://localhost/hellomagento/admin or http://localhost/hellomagento/index.php/admin or you can simply click on the Visit Frontend or website  and Visit Backend buttons of the page.

Good Luck!