How to Install Joomla on localhost server?

How to Install and Work on Joomla?
1.       Download the latest Joomla package from
2.       Download Wamp Server for installing Joomla on localhost (If on live server, pls ignore this).
3.       Extract the downloaded package in the root folder of the website or the web server.
4.       Run the server and locate the folder in which you have kept all the extracted content.
5.       Through the web browser follow the Joomla Installation process as defined below:
a.       Select default language as English and click next
b.      Click next on pre-installation check page
c.       Click next on license page
d.      Now this page i.e. Database configuration page is very important
i.                    If you are using wamp as server on localhost use the following config details
Database Type : leave as it is i.e. mysqli
Host Name: localhost
Username: root
Database Name: mydb (here old db name can also be assigned)
Write a table prefix for e.g. mytb_
ii.                  If you are using database configuration or installing joomla on live site
Host name: host name of database server
Username: username of database server
Password: password of database server
Database Name: database name provided by admin
Table Prefix: as per website or your naming conventions
After filling these details click on next
6.       Click Next and you will find main Configuration page
i.                    Put the details like my site name, admin email, username and password.
ii.                  If you are practicing Joomla install sample data else leave as it is and click on next
7.       Click on remove installation folder on the following page.
8.       You are done with Joomla Installation
9.       Good Luck!!!