Eclipse Shortcut

Some Random Eclipse Shortcuts

Today during searching over internet I found something interesting and I am more interested to share.

1. Ctrl+f irritates you when you have to search a word in eclipse?

* Press Ctrl+j(you will see “Incremental Find” start appearing at the bottom of the IDE)

Incremental Find

* Then write the word that you want to search(the word you type will not appear on the screen).
* Now press Ctrl+j again and again to search

Wrapped Hello

2. Eclipse shortcut for System.out.println(“”);

For the java programmers those who write the print statement many times in a day, you can use the trick
Trick: Write “syso” and then press Ctrl + space

3. Shortcut to write
public static void main(String[] args) { }

write “main” then press ctrl + space
Below are the some other links for Eclipse Shortcut: