Android Installation

Before entering in the procedure of the installation of the softwares, IDEs, and plugin.

you must know the machine requirements for the android application to get run on your machine.

Hardware Requirements:
1. Processor- dual core or more
2. RAM- 3GB

software requirement and installation:

To work with android you have to install the jdk(java development kit) that is available from the oracle website. if yo are using windows then from “” you have to choose

Windows x86 84.04 MB    jdk-7u2-windows-i586.exe

once it get downloaded , get it install on your system.

Install eclipse(IDE), for the development of android application you can get the eclipse(IDE) from after opening the link you can download eclipse.i have Eclipse IDE for java EE developers for my 32-bit windows. what you want you can select that one form the list. and install it.

After all this you can visit choose installer_r16-windows.exe (Recommended)after downloading the SDK(standard development kit) you have to download ADT plugin to work with eclipse(IDE) which we previously installed.

Follow the procedure for the installation of the ADT plugin is explained there.
after all the setup is done you can run your first android program.