Add ODBC User Data Source in Windows 7

Trying to add ODBC User Data Source in windows 7 ? This post of How to add ODBC User Data Sources will make it easy, just follow the below steps.

Click on window write “c:\windows\sysWOW64\odbcad32.exe” in search bar you will see ODBC Data Source Administrator
odbc data source


Now click “Add”, a new window will open to Create New Data Source.

create new data source


After clicking the “Finish” button you will see the ODBC Microsoft Access Setup. Here we will give the Data Source Name and will select the Database. 

In the following image we have abc.accdb file already created in c:\. Here we selected the abc.accdb

select database


Click ok then ok again.


New User DSN is created

added user dsn


Thats it!